Circa May 2010 –  It was a late night and I was boarding a plane on a long haul flight to Singapore. With blurry vision, I lugged my carry-on down the never-ending airplane aisle with one goal and one goal only – to find my seat and get some shut-eye. “Seat 23A, 23A,  23- OPE.” I tripped. I tripped on one of those yellow bump things on the aisle and lost my balance. The next part happened so quickly it’s still blur.  All I know is that I was in a frenzy to catch my fall so I just reached out to find support on whatever was closest to me. Unfortunately (fortunately?), the nearest object happened to be some guy’s butt!!! I full on groped some guy’s ass in order to catch my fall!!!  DEAR LORD this is was so typical. Poor guy just got sexually harassed by a 12 year old. I had no clue how to react except to quickly look away, apologize (several times), and shuffle down the aisle as fast as I could and never look back.  Safe to say that was the most action little ol’ me had ever gotten; it was the trip of a lifetime.

– Shlum.

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